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MesajSubiect: Questionnaire   Questionnaire I_icon_minitimeSam Iul 09, 2011 12:32 am

Here i'm going to ask a few question and i want you to answer them they way you feel like

1. If you want to get a pet at home with no restrictions at all, what would it be?
- I'd like to have a chicken and teach it how to dance.

2.If someone offers you to make your favourite meal, but you need to do something in return, what would it be?
-Say i'd eat it all without leaving anything behind as a gratitude towards the cooker.

3.If someone offers you 50 euros, would you take them and what will you do after
-Take them and check if they are fake.

4.What's the first thing you think about after you wake up.
-a) I wish that wasn't just a dream. b) wtf is that noise that woke me up

More questions coming soon. Feel free to ask some questions as well, as not forgetting to answer them! I think this is a good way to practise english Very Happy
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MesajSubiect: Re: Questionnaire   Questionnaire I_icon_minitimeSam Iul 09, 2011 3:16 am

1 my dog right now.. he no dance, but almost talking..i call him pitbul ..but he the best coward lazy dog ever Smile

2 ,fok,it Laughing ..sounds like a test driving on drinking .. Very Happy ..

k, if shes a woman ..i will do my best..if he a man ..i gone take him out, to show the real life! Wink any way i gone find a way to show them how to eat a real meal

3.nobody with 50 euro will ofer me something i will tel him to go away Smile

4 Very Happy answer is: no mater what ..on one day ..we all will be awake ,so be awake without reason Smile ..but mostly i am unhappy of my shorty sleep:)

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