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MesajSubiect: Nationalities   Lun Iul 18, 2011 4:36 am

Luat de pe: -------> nimic din ceea ce scrie nu imi apratine:
So when your going up against a clan on CB and you see there flag what do you think?

UK: Well UK gamers are always arrogantly confident, but they lack individual skills and lean heavily on training and teamwork. However they are also heroically lazy and never actually do any training or work on teamwork, which is why they epically fail. English people also abuse for no reason more than any other nationality, yeah Germans abuse when you whoop them but English people abuse for no reason whatsoever. I also think English kids are less mature, Dutch 15 year olds keep a low profile, English 15 year olds hit Z, opening fucking in game mic chat and abuse you with there 3 octaves above middle C voices.

Dutch: Dutchies moan, a lot. They also seem the most naturally talented, but they moan, they also take smoking breaks all the time its well annoying, one sec they are on a supermachine with 12 ping the next they "crashed" and need to "hold" for exactly the time it takes for there key sniper to puff four sigs if he drags on two and a time in his mouth with one in each nostril. Luckily this means they don't last too long. I always find it ironic that dutch people use "Kanker" so much when its mostly them affected by it, but the truth is they moan too much. "I have 25 ping how I am supposed to snipe, I need a hooker and some joints now dude, get me a hooker, DUDE, this is taking too long, fucking ping slowing down my hooker"

Germans: They pretty much all hack, all abuse, all moan and the average age is 14 with average mental age 5, luckily none of the German gaming population actually speak English so they won't read this, which suits me cause I would probably get spammed with 30,000 fucking binds which were all different varieties of "WRESISTANCE, LUL DAT IZ FUTILEZ"

French: The French have a refreshing laid back attitude to gaming, they pretty much sit there smoking and eating cheese while getting dominated and have an amazing attitude about it. I tend to get low pings on their servers to no real complaints there. What bugs me though is they always without fail overrate themselves, "nouse sommes med-high", no you are not med-high your, vous etes pathetic.....

Belgians: Belgians are just wanna be dutchies in every way, but nowhere near as good. Its an epic fail for Belgium, its funny cause in both world wars Germany just stomped all over them, and Holland, its seems in gaming Holland caught up but Belgium is still happy to just get stomped all over. They even try to use the same insults as dutchies and try to speak their langauge, but they just fail because they are basically a French speaking extension of Germany..

Scandinavians: Tbh they are all obsessive, I think they play 24/7 in the winter cause its dark outside, and then they lose track of time and because they never actually go outside they play through summer as well because they think its still winter. They also never talk.... They use there phsycodelic connection to one another to telepathically transmit where you are, then jump around the fucking corner prefiring like bitches, and its impossible to distinguish between them, Fins, Swedes and Norwegians are all the same, they might all be the same person, who would want to live that far north anyway. And I am suspicious of Sweden's 8 mb broadband in the artic circle, surely a country were the girls are that hot doesn't need porn, was all that just so everyone could pirate MamaMia ?

Americans: Americans always fail, they are all gun enthusiasts and when you own them you get the same response "I have fired an m4 its not the accurate" this is bollox, am I to believe every single one of there fucking 400million population has fired an m4. Then they all start moaning about how overpowered the AK is, Just because your fucking country can't make anything better than that 61 (62 when most of you read this) year old piece of shit. And they are all awful and have the most annoying voices, and fucking overrate everything "Ohhhh Myyy GAWWWD I JUST GOT 2 HEADSHOTS IN LIKE ONE MAP" its pisses me right off.

Eastern Europeans: People dislike Eastern Europeans because they take your jobs, I find it funny that you all slag them about been uneducated but they dominate you when it comes to getting employment, shows how valuable your education was mate. In my opinions they are heros of the modern world, always playing on UK servers even though it anals their pings. They are pretty good considering most of them made their pcs themselves....out of wood... Which is heroic. I honestly love them all.

Asians: They all hack.......

Spain and Portugal: I don't think the internet has got to Spain and Portugal yet, like I never see them anywhere, is anyone sure those countries exist, someone prove it....

So lastly the Irish hero's, I find general Irish gamers to be pretty average players but great buzz, seriously go on an Irish ts during a match and you will find they are not concentrating at all, "oh boy, down the pub last night......." gives a real long story that eventually ends with an argument about whether or not David Beckham could beat Kylie Minogue in an arm wrestle. This is why I love Ireland.

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Poland: Polaks (that says it all)
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MesajSubiect: Re: Nationalities   Lun Iul 18, 2011 10:41 pm

realy truly lol!

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